martes, mayo 06, 2008

May 1 : God spoke again in a dream and a revelation

Last thursday may 1, I had another dream where God spoke to me! I was in a Van on the passenger seat with my family. We were driving through the high way. The driver got off the highway and I said to him no we can not get off the highway we must continue through the highway. The driver responded to me, I don't know how to get back into the highway. I said let me drive, I know how, I turned and went back towards the highway.
When we approach the intersection to the highway. I was amazed, the road was pack full of traffic. The more I observed, the more damage I saw. The road was destroyed cars where turned over, trees were down. I looked to the sky and I saw the wind. A strong wind blowing with wood branches and leaves.
I said: Oh my God we are in the middle of a hurricane. Suddenly, I remember in my dream, that I had a dream about what I was seeing.
I said to my daughter: I remember, I had a dream and God told me to cover myself in a house that I was going to find through......
And I look around the area trying to see the road. I saw the road. I said: that is the road.
In my dream, I was telling my daughter about the dream and how God spoke to me about what was happening to us and how to find a safe place. We must look for a specific house that was made of cement. We need to find the house build on cement because the storm was going to be so strong that wood houses will not resist the impact of the winds. While driving we arrive to a house and we went in. The people open their doors and let us in as if they were expecting us.
When we was acommodated in the house. I began to speak to God and I say: WOW Lord, how amazing you are, you revealed me all this in a dream. I was so greateful, I was amazed about God's power and how He advised me and lead me to a secured place. When I am in this dialogue with the Lord, He responded to me, I take care of you, because I love, in here you will be secure. I cried amazed at God's love.
When I wake up, during the day,I remember the dream. It pop up in my mind and have been in my mind everyday. Hurricane season begins in June. I know this because I am from a tropical island.
In that same month we are moving to PR and leaving Orlando, FL. Now I see that God is moving us. I believe the hurricane season is going to be very active and Florida may be a target. Hurricanes are coming to virgig island, PR and the east coast of USA. It is going to start soon one of the worst manifestations of tornados. While in some palece is going to be under storm others are going to drying. There is comming a crisis in the reserve of food worldwide. Those areas that are already suffering hunger will increase. Hunger is going to increase also in Latin America and the USA is going to feel the impact. We are to share.
I am sorry that I am saying all this but while I am writing the Spirit of the Lord is showing me. Hunger there is coming hunger. "Do not fear because those that have my Spirit will not feel hunger" "Support my people, feed them, don't let them die."