viernes, abril 11, 2008

The Lord spoke to me

January 14, 2008 4:00 AM

The veil was torn. The veil needs to be remove. The veil will be uncovered. God will remove the veil uncovering the truth of God's holy people. The people of God, his children are the loved ones by God. I love them. I am caring for them. I am leading them towards me, that is to turn the heart of the children towards the Father. That is what I have spoke in Malachi. You must teach about that.

I am blessing you for you have been faithful. I am sending you to Egypt to my people in bondage.

--What about your people?

Ones are to go others are to stay.

An apostle is a messenger from God. As an angel in the spiritual. He/she is in the terrenal. They go into darkness. They are generals. However, their army is Spiritual. They appear in the world to be one, but they are not. Thats why so important that those that I have chosen be recognized, empowered.


When an apostle is weak, doubthing that army stop with him/her. They will not move until the General.
--General or Coronel?

One are Generals others are Coronels. You are still a General.

They will move when you on faith say it. Each child of mine have a company at their service, just that they do not know it.

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