jueves, abril 24, 2008


April 15, a text messsage come in from Costa Rica my daughter fiance write:

3:30 AMMy soul is crying out for help demanding me salvation a ticking clock is pressing on my dreams. it is too early? Or does it tick because it almost too late?

3:42Is your mom awake?Yes...Tell her this:The Lord said that He will descend soon and He will take only the clean in soul... next"My daughter, I have listen to you yesterday and I listen to you today. I know your needs and your fears, I know is not easy for you my daughter. Do not worry anymore, continue working, soon you will rest eternally near me."

4:09 AMAnnounced my word, announced like the roster, announce the morning and the afternoon.My son be firm, do not fall, announce, announce, amen.

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