jueves, abril 24, 2008

El Senor decendera pronto!

Desde Costa Rica por la madrugada nos llega por el Messenger una voz profética y que dice:

3:36 AM Mi alma llora por ayuda me demanda salvación, el tic tac del reloj esta presionando en mis sueños. Es muy temprano o el tictac es porque ya es casi tarde.

3:42 AM Esta tu mama despierta…

Dile esto: El Señor pronto descenderá del cielo y se llevara solo a los limpios del alma. Mi hija te escuche ayer te he escuchado hoy. Conozco tus necesidades, conozco tus miedos, no es fácil lo se hija. No te preocupes mas, sigue trabajando, pronto descansaras al lado mío eternamente.

4:09 AM
Hija anuncia mi palabra, anuncia como el gallo anuncia la mañana y al igual el atardecer.

Hijo mantente firme, no caigas, anuncia, anuncia, amen.


April 15, a text messsage come in from Costa Rica my daughter fiance write:

3:30 AMMy soul is crying out for help demanding me salvation a ticking clock is pressing on my dreams. it is too early? Or does it tick because it almost too late?

3:42Is your mom awake?Yes...Tell her this:The Lord said that He will descend soon and He will take only the clean in soul... next"My daughter, I have listen to you yesterday and I listen to you today. I know your needs and your fears, I know is not easy for you my daughter. Do not worry anymore, continue working, soon you will rest eternally near me."

4:09 AMAnnounced my word, announced like the roster, announce the morning and the afternoon.My son be firm, do not fall, announce, announce, amen.

domingo, abril 13, 2008

Serviendo en el mundo

Anoche sone en mi sueno le pregunto al Senor. Senor como hago para que mi servicio para ti sea significante. El Senor me dijo: sirve hasta que tu servicio sea necesario para los que gobiernan porque les estas aliviando un problema.

Me desperte y comence a meditar, servir hasta que mi servicio sea necesario. Servir aunque te duela. Servir como estilo de vida. Servir fuera de tu zona de comodidad. Servir hasta que el mundo mire porque les estas resolviendo un problema.

Puedes decir que tu servicio a Dios esta impactando una necesidad de los pobres en espiritu. No, sirve mas se consistente y persistente.

Cuando te sientas solo(la) sirve mas. Cuando te falten recursos sirve mas. Cuando este cansado(da) sirve mas.

viernes, abril 11, 2008

The First Trumpet

Revelation 8:7 The first angel sounded his trumpet, and there came hail and fire mixed with blood, and it was hurled down upon the earth. A third of the earth was burned up, a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up.

The trumpet is a sound of alarma, announcement and war! Hail and fire mixed with blood are being throw upon the earth. This mean that a mixure of these elements will be throw over the earth and the effect will be that a 1/3 part of all the earth vegetation is gonna be completelly burned.

Hail: frozen raindrops falling during thunderstorms. a shower of or like hail.

Fire: the flame. heat. and light of combustion. something burning. a destructive burning. strong feeling. a discharge of fire armas.

Blood: the red fluid circulating in the arteries and vein of animals. blood shed. the essence of life; life. the sap of a plant. passion, temperament, etc. parental heritage; lineage. kinship. people. (Webster NW Dictionary)

The vegetation includes trees and grass. If you see the deforestation has been happening slowly, the oxono coat has been deterorating. Many areas that were green are drying. We must understand that the Bible shares the revelation of the vision. But the vision can manifest through a very slow process, that if we compare it with our cronos (world/human) time, may appear to be slow or we may not noticed, because we process the lost gradually as something normal. The

Lord told me the Trumpet has begun to sound. What I understand is that the sound of this trumpet is in motion, at the same time begin the activation of the sound of the Trumpets. We must not be fear but be aware, walk in holiness, and do preach and live the gospel of the kingdom.

The Spirit of the Lord Spoke to me again

On march 27 of 2008, The Spirit of the Lord said: "The first Trumpet has begun to sound...Revelation 8:7The first angel sounded his trumpet, and there came hail and fire mixed with blood, and it was hurled down upon the earth. A third of the earth was burned up, a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up.

I felt like crying. I felt pain and peoples fear, confussion and more war. I saw persecutions, people being sent to prison and kill unfairly... I cry... What is happening Lord? What is happening?The Spirit of the Lord came upon me... My whole body began to trembles. I praise the Lord with angelical tongues.I ask God what is happeing?

He said: "the powers are moving they know their time is short. Do not fear the enemy uses fear to confuse and not let my people do what I have called them to do. But find your strengths in me. Cover yourself in me. This is the time to do what I have called my children to do. This is the time of repentance, holiness and work. To walk in me. Yes, I am coming soon. Is time to Intercede one for another, support each other with prayers.

I saw a cloud covering PR. I cry... I ask God why are you moving over there, He said is time to make a call for repentance. For that purpose I am sending you to PR...

I felt peace in my spirit.Thank you Lord...I praise you Jesus....You are really coming back soon.......... wow!!!!

Lord you are coming!!!! I may see it!!!

Holiness is what I want.... Holiness in my children hearts, they are to move in love inteceding while walking through the clouds of this world. Remember your army, use them. When you walk in me, they will take dominion, where you stand become kingdom territory, establish My kingdom.

I love you Lord, I praise you Jesus, I love you my God !!!Then the Lord told me you are to preach about the 7 churches...Tell ApJ to intecede for those I bring in to his heart.

Yes Lord...I am AWE.....

We are in the time of the sound of the Trumpets,

Be ready,

The Lord spoke to me

January 14, 2008 4:00 AM

The veil was torn. The veil needs to be remove. The veil will be uncovered. God will remove the veil uncovering the truth of God's holy people. The people of God, his children are the loved ones by God. I love them. I am caring for them. I am leading them towards me, that is to turn the heart of the children towards the Father. That is what I have spoke in Malachi. You must teach about that.

I am blessing you for you have been faithful. I am sending you to Egypt to my people in bondage.

--What about your people?

Ones are to go others are to stay.

An apostle is a messenger from God. As an angel in the spiritual. He/she is in the terrenal. They go into darkness. They are generals. However, their army is Spiritual. They appear in the world to be one, but they are not. Thats why so important that those that I have chosen be recognized, empowered.


When an apostle is weak, doubthing that army stop with him/her. They will not move until the General.
--General or Coronel?

One are Generals others are Coronels. You are still a General.

They will move when you on faith say it. Each child of mine have a company at their service, just that they do not know it.